SIA licence checker

So what can you do if you have sent your SIA application form pack off the SIA and are awaiting their decision regarding your license application?  Well while you are waiting to hear back from them you can keep yourself updated with how far along the process has gone by using the SIA License Checker.

The application process runs from start to finish as follows

  • The SIA department of the Home Office receive your application form pack
  • Your application form is entered into their system and then the process begins
  • They then run all the relevant qualifications, criminality and identity checks
  • The SIA department then makes a decision on whether or not they will grant you your SIA license

From start to finish in around 80% of all the accurately completed applications forms they receive the whole process can take around 25 days.

What Happens When You Click To Check Your SIA License Application Progress?

When you click through to check the license application you will be taken to their secure server site where you will be asked to enter various details relating to your application.  These details will help the system pinpoint your application and will give you results regarding where it is in the process.

What Information Is Needed To Run the SIA License Checker?

The details that you will be asked for and the ones that will make the search for your application much more efficient are:

  • Your application number (this is perhaps the most important piece of information for tracking your application progress)
  • Your surname
  • Your first name
  • Your date of birth
  • Your middle name, if you stated one at the time of the application process

When There Are Delays In The Progress Of Your Application

As you can see from the above, the process begins when the application has been entered into the system and ends when the decision has been made.  But, if during the process your application form fails validation, the process stops dead.  This could happen if you have not accurately filled out your application form or because you did not include all the relevant documentation and evidence or because you failed one of the security checks.

Although in most cases the application process runs smoothly, on occasions when there are additional criminal record checks, qualification enquiries and/or overseas criminal record checks it could take much longer than 25 days.